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Banks in Corfu

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There are approximately 99 ATM's or Cash machines on the Island of Corfu.
The best part of them being 42 in Corfu town itself and the rest being 21in villages of Corfu and on the Island of Paxos.

There are 17 Banks having Branches with ATM's or cash machines on the Island of Corfu.
Emporiki Bank having the most ATM's on Corfu with 22 in total.
The National Bank of Greece having 18 ATM's in total.
Alpha Bank having 15 ATM's in total.
All the cash machines / ATM's are accepting a majority of the Credit cards that are around at the moment like:- VISA, MasterCard etc


A Few Tips to try to ensure that you're not a victim of credit-card fraud.

1. Don't keep your PIN numbers with your cards. In fact, try and memorise them - and never disclose them to anyone else !

2. Keep all of your receipts and check them against your monthly statements, that way you can report any transactions that you don't recognise !!

3. Report any lost or stolen cards immediately !!!

Another good tip is to notify your Bank and or Credit Card company you use that your going abroad on holiday, as this then stops them
from mis-interpreting the change of usage pattern and considering it fraudulent activity, as it has been known for the Banks to put a stop on
the card thinking it has been lost or stolen, better to be safe the sorry.

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Bank List.




Agios Georgios / LefkimiEmporiki BankMain Road
Agios GordiosAlpha Bank

Karoukas Tarvel

AgrosPiraeus Bank Agios GeorgiosKEP Building
Corfu AirportATE Bank Corfu International Airport
AlepouNational Bank of GreeceCHAMPION MARINOPOULOS super market, 4th km Corfu-Pelekas road
Alikes PotamouEurobankSHELL petrol station
National Bank of Greece


Emporiki BankOn the main road
EurobankSHELL petrol station
Piraeus Bank CorfuPaleokastritsa Nationak Road, 4th km, Solari - Varka
AqualandLaiki Bank Aqualand waterpark
ArachaviAlpha BankOn the main road
National Bank of GreeceATRAPOS tourist shop
Piraeus BankPAPAKIRIAKIS shop
BenitsesEmporiki BankMain square
DassiaCitibankAronda Travel
Emporiki BankFaitas Camping
Emporiki BankMunicipality's building
National Bank of GreeceCorfu Dassia Hotel
Piraeus BankMunicipality's parking
GouviaCitibankOrfeas Travel
Emporiki BankMain square
IpsosEmporiki BankOn the main road
National Bank of GreeceSpar super market


Kanoni Citibank Tourist Shop
National Bank of GreeceHoliday Palace Hotel
Piraeus Bank Holiday Palace Hotel
Piraeus BankOn the main road
KassiopiAlpha BankGeneral Tourism Services, tourist agency, port
CitibankArrow Travel
Emporiki BankMunicipality's building
National Bank of Greece Grivas super market on the Main square
KavosCitibankIsland Holidays
Emporiki BankOn the main road
National Bank of GreeceFinata Tours
National Bank of GreeceOdysseas Hotel
KontokaliAlpha BankOn the main road
Eurobank6th km, National road to Paleokastritsa, Ab Vasilopoulos super market
LefkimiATE BankAgii Theodori, Lefkimi
Emporiki Bank70, 21 Martiou str
National Bank of GreeceRiglades, Lefkimi
SidariAlpha BankAdia tourist agency
CitibankAlkynoos Travel
CitibankSidari Rent a Car
Emporiki BankMunicipality's building
National Bank of Greece Sidari Travel tourist agency
MoraitikaAlpha BankCastello Super Market
Emporiki BankOn the main road
National Bank of GreeceVlachos Tourist Agency


Plaeokastritsa Alpha Bank Monastery parking
Emporiki BankOn the main road
RodaAlpha BankOn the main road
CitibankNks Travel
Emporiki BankMunicipality's building
Corfu Town (Kerkyra)Alpha Bank75, Voulgareos str
Alpha Bank80, Kapodistriou str
Alpha BankAgios Spyridon, Iroon Kypriakou Agonos Sq
Alpha BankHospital - 1, I. Andreadi str
Alpha BankKanalia, Dimitra Super Market
Alpha BankSarokou sq. No1
Alpha BankSarokou sq. No2
ATE Bank15, Zavitsanou str (old port)
ATE Bank31, Alexantras avenue (Sarokou sq)
Bank of Attica7, Rizospaston Voulefton & Polila str
Bank of Cyprus1, Mitropolitou Methodiou str
Bank of Cyprus (Liston)11, Kapodistriou str
Bank of CyprusNew port, Office's building
Egnatia BankRizospaston Voulefton & Vraila str
Emporiki Bank12, Pol. Konstanta str
Emporiki Bank130, Theotoki str, (New Port)
Emporiki Bank82, E. Voulgareos str
Emporiki Bank Kassiopi road
Emporiki BankOld port
Emporiki BankTheotoki sq


Corfu Town (Kerkyra)Eurobank 21, Theotoki str.
Eurobank2nd km, National road to Paleokastritsa, Ab Vasilopoulos super market
Eurobank31, Alexandras avenue
Eurobank97, E. Voulgareos str
EurobankKTEL (Central bus station)
Eurobank Liston - 46, Kapodistriou str
First Business Bank27, Alexandras avenue
Geniki Bank3, Samara str
Geniki BankKTEL (Central bus station)
Laiki Bank10, Pol. Konstanta str.
National Bank of Greece2nd km, National road to Paleokastritsa, Trofo super market
National Bank of Greece30, Alexandras avenue, Sarokou sq. No1
National Bank of Greece30, Alexandras avenue, Sarokou sq. No2
National Bank of Greece6, Samara str
National Bank of Greece63, E. Voulgari str No1
National Bank of Greece63, E. Voulgari str No2
Novabank117, Theotoki str
Panellinia Bank Corfu Paleokastritsa Nationak Road, 2nd km
Piraeus Bank Liston 10, Eleftherias str.
Piraeus Bank21, Ioannou Theotoki str
Postal Bank30, Theotoki str
ProbankAlexandras & Samara str
Paxos / GaiosATE BankGaios
CitibankMagic Holidays, Gaios
Emporiki BankGaios

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Banks exchange all major currencies in cash, travellers cheques or Euro cheques; the commission is lower for cash.
Post offices exchange cash but not travellers cheques, and usually charge lower commissions than banks.
Travel agencies and larger hotels change cash and travellers cheques but usually charge higher commissions than banks.
Banknote exchange machines can be found in most tourist areas.
Most banks have ATMs where you can access your debit or credit account.

You can also find the nearest ATM to you by Clicking on the ATM picture below.

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