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Gouvia and Kontokali Bay

The following pages are my own guide to Corfu, in particular the east coast of the island, at the resorts of Kontokali and Gouvia. Here I will try and paint the perfect canvass to show you what this part of the island is about. I will also be adding certain ideas, and extras that I think will be of help to all members. Please feel free to browse and use any parts of this information.


Let me Introduce myself, Hello, and a warm welcome to all members of the Holiday Corfu Forums. I have been a member of this forum for just over a year, and I can safely say that this forum is one of the up and coming forums on Corfu alone now available on the internet. I joined the Holiday Corfu after one or two other forums, and eventually decided to settle down with Al (the owner)

Chris & Elaine

I myself have been to Corfu on a number of occasions, but mainly visiting with the Royal Navy. However, unlike most visiting matelot,
I did choose to extend my interests beyond the first bars in Corfu Town.
I never actually holidayed in Corfu until well after meeting Elaine, my partner of 9 years.
Up until then we had been holidaying in Majorca, and was thinking of a change in venue.
It was friends of ours who had visited Corfu recently who told us we had to visit.
Therefore we started our planning for our first actual holiday to Corfu in 2003

Gouvia and Kontokali

Gouvia and Kontokali are situated on the east coast of Corfu, approximately 8 – 10 km from Corfu Town and Airport respectively.
Transfer times are around 30 to 40 minutes depending on the number of drop offs. If you wish to take a taxi from the airport, the charge will be around €15.

The two resorts offer alternative facilities and amenities from each other, with Kontokali being the quieter, more laid back of the two resorts. Gouvia has a much more livelier atmosphere, but at the same time, not overbearing, as it accommodates all types of visitor, in particular the family group.

Both resorts off many hotels and apartments, which I have listed a few on these pages, with a weblink for further information. Accommodations range from the basic self catering type, bed and breakfast, up to the large 5* hotels such as the Kontokali Bay.

Corfu Town is in easy reach, heading south along the main road from both resorts. There is a very good public transport system, of both the Green and Blue Bus services. The Blue bus service No7 runs regularly to and from Corfu, and only costs about €1 each way.

Days out from Kontokali and Gouvia

Boat Trips from Gouvia Marina

Many boat trips can be taken direct from Gouvia Bay using the services of Captain Spiros and his family onboard is wonderful boat, the “Magdalena”. This may have changed recently as I believe that Captain Spiros has taken delivery of another vessel. Trips can be taken to Corfu Town, both by day, and by night. Personally, I would recommend the Corfu Town by night trip. Seeing the island lit up from the bay, sailing through the warm air of the evening, arriving in Corfu Town with plenty of time to have a meal, and do a little shopping in the many shops through the small alleys of the town.

By far the best boat trip of all has to be the day long trip, sailing up the east coast of Corfu, visiting many coves and bays, with the history being told by the ever knowledgeable Captain Spiros, and the occasional stopover for a welcome dip in the turquoise waters along the coasts.

Eventually we arrive at a secluded beach on the near north east coast of the island, where we moor up and go ashore for a wonderful barbeque, cooked and served by Spiro's family. There is plenty of food, and of course plenty of Retsina and Mythos.
Other trips can be arranged, either as groups, or as a private excursion. To arrange all of the above, see Captain Spiros or a member of his family at the boat on the pier at Gouvia Bay. Captain Spiros will visit hotels in Kontokali and Gouvia, and you will be informed by your Rep if available.

Swimming in Corfu

Captain Spiros
Magdalena – Captain Spiros.

Shopping in Corfu Town.

There are many shops to be viewed and visited in Corfu Town, for the men of us, probably too many. Only joking ladies.

Main products are leather, such as handbags of many designers’ names of the cheap varieties, if you know what I mean girls. Leather belts, clothes, etc. Lots of lace, and cotton goods, such as tablecloths and table ware. Paintings and other art products. Gold is in abundance in the many jewellers, and all at very good prices. Of course they also like to barter. You will be amazed at what you got. On the main streets of the town you will find the designer named shops, and although costly, they are mostly cheaper than the UK.

In Corfu Town, when a much deserved rest is needed from shopping, you will find many Tavernas and Restaurants on the main streets, or better still along the many alley ways that knit together Corfu Town.

Corfu Alley ways

Corfu Town – Old Alleyways.

Corfu Shopping

Corfu Town shopping by night.


Café Corner – Corfu Town.

Corfu Town

Nikos Kafeneion – Corfu Town.

The Liston Corfu

The Liston under the arches.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town – Shop Arches.

Air Sea Lines – Gouvia Marina

In the past two years or so, a company by the name of Air Sea Lines as set up a business located at the Gouvia Marina. At present this service is running site seeing trips over the island of Corfu, and has a scheduled time table for trips to Paxos, and other islands in the Ionian Sea. It is planned that eventually this service will also carry out a service between Corfu and the port of Brindisi in Italy. This will be advantage for those who choose to fly the alternative route via Italy, and then on to Corfu, rather than using the ferry service.

More details of this service can be found on their own website at:-
Air Sea Lines


Air Sea Lines – Gouvia Marina


Corfu Air Sea Lines
Air Sea Lines - In Flight






Places to Stay (Hotels and Apartments


Kontokali Bay Hotel and Beach


Aleka Hotel – Kontokali (Self Booking)

Hotel Telesilla – Kontokali

Caravella Hotel – Gouvia.

Spiti Prifti Hotel
– Gouvia.

Zefiros Hotel – Gouvia

Places to Eat Out

Zorbas, Harry’s, Georges, Greckos, Takis, Beer Bucket.

There are many more within the village of Kontokali, including a Chinese and an Indian Restaurant for those missing home.


Phillapas, Aries, Verginas, Poco Loco, Melodies.

Again, there are many more, including Chinese, Indian as well as more Greek and English menus.
I can personally recommend the Tavernas I have listed above, in particular Verginas. If a party member of yours has a birthday whilst on holiday, then this is the place to go.

Corfu Greek Dance

Dancing at a Verginas Party.

Night Life (Bars and Clubs)


G&Ms Bar (A must), Beer Bucket, Navigators, Harry’s and Takis.

G&M’s Bar – Kontokali.

Beer Bucket – Kontokali.


Whispers, Tree Tops, Melodies, Bongo’s, Irish Knights.

corfu Island

Bongo’s – Gouvia.

Harbour Lights Bar – Gouvia.

Melodies – Gouvia.

Irish Knights Bar – Gouvia.

Weblinks relating to Corfu and Corfu Holidays.

Further websites can be found on the Main Message Boards of the Holiday Corfu Website. These have been added by me and other members of the Forum. You will find a main listing of websites in the General Section, and websites appertaining to individual resorts in the Resorts Forums. If you require any further information on Gouvia and Kontokali, do not hesitate to ask me, or other members of the Holiday Corfu Forums.

Weblinks relating to Non – Corfu and Greek Topics.

Dionysos Mega store – Weymouth.

If you wish to maintain that Corfu/Greek spirit (excuse the pun) after your holidays, or all year round, then the Dionysos Mega store of Greek Wine in Weymouth is the place for you. The store has grown considerable over the past few years, and is owned by George Afedakis, a very good friend of mine.
The Greek Wine Store has the largest imports of Greek Wines, Beers and Spirits, as well as a high selection of Greek Foods. It is well worth a visit to Weymouth just to visit the Dionysos Greek Wine Store.
For more information, please take a look at their own website. You can order on line if you wish.

Acropolis Hotel – Weymouth.

If you are visiting Weymouth and in need of a wonderful hotel, then look no further than the Acropolis Hotel on the Dorchester Road, Weymouth. Owned by the same people above, you will be welcomed with open arms, and that wonderful Greek hospitality by George and his wife Paulette.
The rooms are of an excellent standard, and the food, cooked by George is out of this world. In particular in his own Greek Taverna situated on the ground floor of the hotel.
The Taverna is called the “Ta Dyo Adelfia”.
Here you can have your Meze, or a wonderful selection from the Main Menu. Why not organise a Greek Night. I have been to a few at the hotel and stayed there myself.
I can only emphasise that it was a wonderful weekend for all.
For more information please look at the hotel and Taverna website:
Acropolis Hotel

The Greek Wine Festival – Weymouth.

Each summer, in July, Weymouth hosts the annual Greek Wine and Culture Festival. Needless to say, this is hosted by George Afedakis, and is one of the most prominent Greek Festivals within the UK.

The festival takes place on the Weymouth front near to the Pier and Ferry Terminal. The whole festival is held under canvas, and hosts all aspects of the Food and Wine industries of Greece with more fine wines, spirits from
Greece, as well as many food stands. Also there are many stores in respect of holidays on Greek Islands and the Mainland, Greek Culture, and all things nice about Greece in itself.
The festival is held over three days of the weekend, ending with a Greek Gala Dinner and Dance held at the Pavilion.
The Gala consists of a many dishes for the dinner, all Greek dishes followed by a long listing of Greek Music and Dancing.

The whole weekend is a must, and will be remembered for a long time, at the same time keeping that Corfu/Greek spirit within you.











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