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(Travel Time from Airport 30 mins)

Kontokali still has the traditional feel and atmosphere of an old fishing village untouched by time.
The name “Kontokali” is believed to originate from the knight “Christopher Kontokali”, who had joined the Venetian army to fight against Turkish army and as a reward for his services he was offered that particular area being named after him.
On the outskirts of the marina, going towards Gouvia, you will find the ruins of the old Venetian dockyard which prove to be an imposing structure alongside modern technology.
Kontokali has a good selection of shops, gift shops, bars, traditional tavernas, tourist and information offices, cars and bike hire.
There are two beaches at Kontokali one called “Myrtiotissa” and the other is called “Gouvia Beach” and is made up
of a mix shingle & sand with crystal clear waters gently sloping into the Ionian Sea.
Kontokali has a good variety of water sports including pedalos, diving, paragliding, boat trips; also you can hire sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach.
Nightlife entertainment in Kontokali are very modest and relaxed but the choice can be greatly expanded by a short walk to nearby Gouvia, which offers a little of everything, so you have the best of both worlds.
Kontokali would be best suited to families looking for a very relaxing holiday.

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