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After all the planning of your Holiday in Corfu.
You arrive and wonder what Corfu has to offer, Well Corfu has so many attractions and
Places of Interest for you to visit.
Well we have compiled a list of Places to Visit Whilst your on Holiday in Corfu.
This is a work in progress page and more information will be added as and when its ready
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Holiday Corfu

Holiday Corfu

Holiday Corfu

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Aqualand is located in the heart of the Island at Agios Ioannis on the main road to Glyfada.
Aqualand is one of Europe’s largest water parks, with 75.000 square meters of water slides, including:-
Giant Slides, The Multislide, The Black Hole, The Four Twisters, The Kamikazes,
The Hyrdri-Tube, The Crazy River, The Lazy River, Free Fall Slides, The Big Jacuzzi and
The Big Deep Pool.

For the Young visitors to Aqualand they can enjoy there own areas for children including:-
The Big Shallow Pool, Children’s Slides, The Flat Ramp, The Slippery Octopus,
The Screaming Frog, The Mushroom Showers and not forgetting Pirates Adventure.

I would recommend if you do plan to have a day out at Aqualand in that you book it
independently rather than booking through a tour rep as this can be quite expensive.
Another way is to hire a car and make your own way, that way your not governed what time the coach leaves.
Also if you go in the afternoon after 15.00 you will get a discount of 25% off the normal entrance price.

That way most if not all the coach parties have left or leaving and there is still plenty of time to go around the
park and get on all the slides!!
There is so much for all the family to enjoy; this is a great day out!!

Spacious changing rooms, Fast Food restaurant, Mini-Market, Fast photo print shop, Boutique, Safety lockers, wet & dry central Bar,
Snack kiosks, picnic areas, Sunbeds & umbrellas.

Out of Water Facilities
Children’s Bouncy castle, Adventure Playground, Mini-Cars, Games Arcade, Table Tennis, Pool Table, and Mini Soccer.

Aqualand is open from
May to October, 7 days a week.
May – June……………..10:00 – 18:00
July – August…………..10:00 – 19:00
September – October…..10:00 – 18:00

Aqualand 's Web site AQUALAND Aqualand Tel: 26613 52963

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Achillion (Achilleio- Achillio) Palace
The Achillion Palace is located in Gastouri, just outside of Benitses
heading towards Corfu Town on the main coastal road, and about 30 minutes drive from Dassia.

This beautiful building was constructed It was built between 1890-1892 by the Empress, after one of her visits in Corfu.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria, otherwise known as Princess Sissy.
The Empress was obsessed with the Greek hero Achilleus and she commissioned various statues including Achilles dying
which can be found in the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace.
The huge and magnificent statue of Achilles Triumphant gazes out over breathtaking views.

Sadly Empress Elisabeth or Princess Sissy as she was nicknamed did not live long to enjoy her creation,
and after her assassination in Geneva in 1898 the Palace remained empty until 1907.

Kaiser Willhelm II of Germany purchased the palace in 1907.
The Kaiser removed the two statues of Achilles, built the House of the Knights, in order to house his battalion,
and he also rearranged the gardens.
During the World Wars, the palace estate was used as a hospital and headquarters,

After World War II, Achillion Palace became a public estate.

This is a very interesting day out, If you arrive there around mid day make sure you take some water with you.
There is a little kiosk next door to the entrance of the Achillion if you forget, there are also a couple of small Tavernas close by. Don't Forget Your Camera !!!
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Holiday Corfu

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Golf in Corfu.
Corfu Golf Club is a beautiful course and set in a fantastic location, the course has been praised by many as one of the best kept in Europe.
It was designed by the famous Swiss based architect, "Donald Harradine" and he has blended the natural resources of the lovely Ropa Valley with man made hazards to make the course a good but fair test.
It is as enjoyable for the scratch player as it is for the long handicap one.
The course is open 7 days a week.
The magnificent greens of Penncross Bent are considered to be the finest in the Mediterranean; the tree lined fairways and the sand traps combine with the several lakes and meandering streams, to make an attractive picture against a backcloth of high hills.
A modern irrigation system keeps the course in perfect condition at all times.
From March to November and sometimes beyond, there is warm sunshine and blue skies in Corfu but even in high summer on the golf course there is often a cooling breeze blowing in from the sea. Golf is also played throughout the winter in Corfu, so anytime is golf time!
Corfu is a great golf course and it's fame is spreading rapidly as golfers come from all over the world to test their skill at golf and to enjoy an island which offers spectacular scenery, fine hotels, good food and a warm welcome.
Starting Times are required in May, September & October.
Handicaps may be asked for and only players with membership cards and handicaps will be allowed onto the course before 15.00hrs.

You can Hire all the equipment you need to have a day or afternoon round of golf.

For more information
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Ropa Valley
P.O. Box 71
Corfu 491 00
Tel. +30 26610 94220
Fax. +30 26610 94221

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Greek Art

Greek Travles

Archaeological Museum of Corfu
The Archaeological Museum was built between 1962 - 1965,
on a site that was donated by the Municipality of Corfu, and was inaugurated in 1967.
The main purpose of its construction was the exhibition of the impressive
Gorgon-Medusa pediment from the “Great Temple” of Artemis, made around
585 B.C., excavated in 1911 near the monastery of Aghioi Theodori, the oldest,
so far to date is a stone-pediment of an ancient Greek temple, also findings from
the Prehistoric era and from the 6th and 7th century B.C. with the exceptional
Menecrates lion, clay pottery and terracotta statuettes from the
shrines of Corfu also other collections comprise of Statures in Bronze from the
Archaic to the Roman era.
Funeral offerings from the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic eras, from the
cemeteries of Garitsa and Almyros, as well as a bountiful collection of ancient coins.
Some of the other exhibits include the Lion of Menecrates, an impressive sculpture
from the
Archaic period, dating to the end of the 7th century BC, the base and part of
the body of a late “Archaic kore”, found during the excavation of a pottery workshop
in the area of Figareto, and finds from excavations at various sites on the Island of Corfu.

You can find Corfu Town’s Archaeological Museum, on the boulevard along the

Although it is small, it is well worth visiting particularly for people who want to see the
more of the historical side of Corfu.

Opening times:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 08:30 - 15:00
Wednesday: 08:30 - 15:00
Thursday: 08:30 - 15:00
Friday: 08:30 - 15:00
Saturday: 08:30 - 15:00
Sunday: 08:30 - 15:00

Adult Admission 3 Euros
Free Admission: Under 18 & Senior Citizens.

Also you can buy a “Special ticket”
Which will allow you to visit:- The Archaeological Museum, The Old Fortress,
The Church of Antivouniotissa and the Museum of Asian Art all for around 8 euros.

For more information

The Archaeological Museum
Armeni Vraila 1

CorfuTravel Guides
Post Code: 49100
Telephone: +30 26610-30680

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St Spiridon Bell Tower


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St Spiridon's Church.
St Spiridon was a bishop from Cyprus who had performed minor miracles.
When he died in the 4th century, his remains were taken to Constantinople, (Istanbul) after the Turkish invasion his remains were smuggled out on a donkey and finally ended up in Corfu.
It is said that he has saved the island once from famine, twice from plague and invasion by the Turks.
Many children first born to a family are named Spiros (boys) or Spiridoula (girls) in his honor.
St Spiridon's Church is an ornate Greek Orthodox Church, and where you can see his closed silver casket which contains his
mummified body, and this is at times opened for people wishing to pray directly to the saint.

Easter time is the most important holiday for the Orthodox Church and especially so in Corfu where the mummified body of the town's patron saint, Saint Spyridon, is paraded through the town on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, It begins with a 40-day fast.
During that time only natural foods are eaten.
No meats, dairy, fish, poultry or dishes that are prepared with these foods can be eaten.
During Holy Week complete fasting takes place.
In Corfu, as in the rest of Greece, the festivities begin on Good Friday with the candlelit procession of a shrouded funeral bier that is carried through the streets to the local church.

On Saturday morning, at 11 o'clock, earthenware pots are thrown from upstairs windows into the street below in the belief that any bad spirits in the house will be thrown out with them, and I will say this is an amazing sight to see.
The best place to witness this is to the left of the Liston and not directly under the buildings.
On Saturday night there is a Resurrection Mass and this starts at 23-00 hrs.
Midnight on Saturday is a spectacular time as the churches and squares are packed with people and in all areas are slowly lit by the candles carried from the church and a candlelit procession follows a representation of the empty tomb.
As the bells ring out at midnight the sky is set ablaze with fireworks accompanied by flares and even shotgun blasts and then the Lent fast is finally broken by eating red-dyed eggs and mayiritsa soup (made of lamb offal)

Easter day is spent with the family and friends, singing, dancing, and feasting on roast lamb and red eggs.
The greeting for the day is "Hristos Anesti" (Christ is Risen) and the reply is "Alithos Anesti" (Truly He is Risen).

It is quite easy to find the church of St Spiridon, Its located just behind the "Liston" just look out for the Bell Tower (see second picture on left)

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