Gouvia Prices

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Gouvia Prices

Post by vearart » Mon May 03, 2010 7:55 pm

We are due to go to GOVINO BAY APARTMENTS (Gouvia) on the 14th May.
Does anyone have any comments on current prices in that area as we will be Self Catering and realy worried about economy changes in Greece and how it might affect the Island.

Thanks V V

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Re: Gouvia Prices

Post by Chris » Tue May 04, 2010 11:29 am

Hi Vearart. Most of the island prices will be similar throughout, so I can tell you that on average a price of a Beer €2 - €3, Spirits (Local Brews) Large with mixer €3.50, Ouzo with mixer €2, Soft Drinks €1.50, Coffee €2, Wine by the glass around €2 - €3, or by the bottle, €10 - €20 dependent on how good you choose. Food, a starter and a main course, again dependent on where you eat, but can be as cheap as €10, upto €20 per person. Some menu boards will offer a cheaper option. It is predicted that prices may not change because of the present situation.

For more information, see our Gouvia Links page for information on your accommodation, where to go, what to do. I moved your post to this section for a better response for your resort, a favourite of mine.

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