Boat trip to Kassiopi

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Re: Boat trip to Kassiopi

Post by Chris » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:47 am

Hi Big T,

There use to be a family run business of Boat Trips running from the Gouvia Marina, owned by a Captain Spiros. I am not sure if this is still
running by him, or another member of his family. If they are still running, although they do not do a planned trip to Kassiopi, in the past we
have arranged privately with them and agreed a price, to take us where we wanted to go. Unless they have planned excursions, this should
be no problem.

There is a Boat Hire company call BILLY BOATS CORFU who hire out boats for the day. This
maybe an alternative arrangement. However, there is a distance limit to boat hire, which may mean Kassiopi is out of range, and of
couse the one day hire may not be as you wish.

A second alternative. There are Boat Excursions that run from Kassiopi to Corfu Town. It may be possible to contact them on
2663081388 and arrange to be picked up at Corfu Town, 8km from Gouvia, and only a bus ride, and then take an excellent boat
trip up to Kassiopi. You can, at the same time organise you return trip to Corfu Town.

I hope this has been of some help, and that you find what you need.

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