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Saint Nicholas Hotel

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 7:39 am
by lilleli
Hello All
This is the first attempt from me to write a review – so please bear with me –(also remembering that I am of Viking decent… so the English might not be all perfect…)
We are a small Danish Family, mum dad and a 10 year old daughter. We have visited Corfu three time for our holiday – and this coming August we’ll be back again.
Last summer we went to Gouvia – booked through a Danish Tour Operator – and were at The Saint Nicholas – which is a bit above the main road... The Hotel itself was ok – with very nice and large two room apartments. Ours was on the ground floor and was facing the poll though situated at bit back from it so we were able to sit on the terrace and enjoy the sun in privacy. They had a large poll, which our daughter who is 10 really enjoyed. At the pool was also a small snack bar – where they served breakfast – snacks and lunch and I believe that they also served dinner at night – but we didn’t try it at night. We actually sat there for a little while when we first arrive – as they had not finished with our rooms – and the staff wasn’t like what we have usually experienced on Corfu. No one was smiling and they didn’t seem to know anything about service. The first morning we went to check out the breakfast and we weren’t all that impressed – the staff still seemed rather indifferent and the food was ok – but not great. So after that we decided that we would take the car and run down to The Astoria Bakery on the main road for fresh bread and croissants. I recommend the Bakery – also if you need sandwich to take on a day trip... We did however get a sandwich there on the days where we stayed at the pool – but you never seemed to connect with any of them – The place was run by a family and at least one son was working the bar - the father sat under an umbrella next to the till. The mother more often just stood there or sat on a chair behind it!!! Neither of them were very friendly or happy – and we were a bit puzzled about this. From our previous trips we have always tried to get to know the people and have found that far the majority of them have been very friendly. Some of them wee keep seeing on our visits and a few of them have become our friends. We gathered over the two weeks that we were there, and from talking to some of the other guests and by just from watching them – that they weren’t too pleased with people who didn’t stay and eat all their meals there. What a shame as the rest of the resort was very nice and could be a great base for a holiday. We did however not stay so much at the hotel as we love to go exploring – so it wasn’t a problem.
As for Gouvia – it is a great resort – with everything for the whole family to enjoy. There are some nice restaurants with a wide variety to cater for everyone. Last year Aglio & Olio had opened in Gouvia( I believe they used to have a restaurant in Kerkyra close to The San Rocco Place where we have dined before.) They make great food and is well worth at visit. We tend to mix when on Holiday – and get something for everyone’s taste. Also the Chinese Sze Chuan is a great place. And I can honestly say that we have not yet been disappointed by any of the meals we have had in Gouvia.
As for activities – the daughter and her father – have not been on holiday unless they have been at the beach and been on the water scooters… From the same place you can also rent a boat for a day . We did this once and sail up to Agni Bay and had a great day.
All in all I like Gouvia and I find it to be a great base to explore the rest of Corfu – and yet you are within easy reach of Kerkyra Town. I must admit that I love Kerkyra Town, which I find very charming. Just to wander the streets and alleys to look at buildings and take in the atmosphere. It’s a truly great place.
We have had some great times – and the fact that we will be returning for the forth time ought to be a recommendations in itself…

Happy Holidays to all...

Re: Saint Nicholas Hotel

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 10:27 am
by Chris

Hi Lilleli.

Thank you very much for real comprehensive review of your holidays in Gouvia. It is so sad to read articles regarding the sort of service you got at your hotel, thankfully that is not too often heard of.

As you know, you will be well looked after at the Spiti Prifti on your next visit. There is no doubt about that.

If you have any photos of your previous holidays, we do have a gallery, and we would love to see any that you may wish to upload.

Thank you again.

Yeiamas, Chris

Re: Saint Nicholas Hotel

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:13 pm
by lilleli
Hi Chris - Would love to get some of our photos on - will try to see if I can do that tonight... Would also like to write some more about our Trips around Corfu - but where would I place this????


Re: Saint Nicholas Hotel

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:28 pm
by Etsiketsi

For general information on Corfu the Community Chat Forum is a good idea but for specific locations I would be inclined to use the Resort Forum Board that already exists for that resort. I am sure that if no Forum exists for the specific resort that Al would be prepared to create one for you especially if you have a lot of information to pass on.


Re: Saint Nicholas Hotel

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:31 pm
by Chris

For the photographs, if you send them to Al, he will upload them to the gallery for you. Use the email address

For your reviews, as Roger as already indicated. For anything else, please let me know, and we can get something sorted.

Yeiamas, Chris