Kavos Road and Pedestrian Works

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Kavos Road and Pedestrian Works

Post by Chris » Sun May 31, 2009 12:58 pm

The following news article is taken from the Greek & English online newspaper, dated Sunday 31st May 2009. It looks like a lot of work to roads and pedestrian concourses are being completed or taken up on the island. Lets hope there is more, but no silly things like bollards and traffic likes please.

Yeiamas, Chris

Projects in Kavos


The main street of the tourist town of Kavos. Today, the Prefect of Corfu Poulimenos Stefanos and Kostas Antinomarchis Lessis inspected ongoing works viewed from around the difficulties and problems that occur with the project and exchanged thoughts with residents and professionals in the region for future development of their town. The ongoing road construction projects are integrated in the Technical Program of the Prefecture and operated with funding from own resources (K.A.P).

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Re: Kavos Road and Pedestrian Works

Post by trevorlimelight » Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:52 pm

its amusing to see the photo of the new work on the kavos high street ! they managed to get a photo of the tiny strip of road that they have done and even then they simple have put a thin top coat of tarmac over the mess that exists underneath ! it reminds me of the cliche gypsy knocking on your front door offering to to rip you off !
the realality is they have had the whole kavos strip up and open all winter laying drainage (badly) and managed to spread 1 months work over 6 months leaving all the locals with a terrible mess to deal with all winter , and then came back and quickly covered it up AFTER the first tourists had arrived ,im realy suprise that it made the paper at all ! as for the pavment that streches nearly 800 m from kavos to st peters it is quite a good job allthough it took 3 years to complete and goes absolutly nowhere due to the fact that st peters is completely closed
having said that i am pleased that they are at least trying to do something . kavos now has main drainage pipes throughout , allthough im a litle worried as to how they now intend to bypass all the sess pits into it ! there must be hundreds of buildings and they all have their own pit many of which are in back gardens , under patios or under your feet in the front of the bar or taverna . its going to be a slow messy job !

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