Beer Prices currently due to bad exchange rate

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Beer Prices currently due to bad exchange rate

Post by kingster78 » Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:53 am

HI Guys

Is there anyone there that could tell me the prices out in sidari at the moment or what is likely in june.

How much wil the following be>

Pint of beer
bottle of beer
red ball and vodka
vodka and coke.

A 3 course standard meal

many thanksd for your help and response



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Re: Beer Prices currently due to bad exchange rate

Post by hellsbells » Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:13 pm

Hi, I would be interested in this too as I am going to Sidari in May. I am very friendly with the owner of the appartments I stay at and have mailed him to ask him what the prices are like at the moment. I will let you know what he says as soon as he gets back to me

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Re: Beer Prices currently due to bad exchange rate

Post by Chris » Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:16 pm

From what I have gathered from around the resorts, and friends is that prices will be approximately the same as last year, although the difference will be felt by the exchange rate from the useless GBP.

Generally, a large draught beer (depending on brand and bar) is €2.50 to €3. Cocktails and spirits around €4 although some places do a "happy hour" when prices are a bit lower, upto half price, or large drinks for the price of single. Find out where they are, and move on to the next. On average expect to pay around €30 for a 3 course meal for 2 (incl wine). "Special" meals (those seen on the notice boards) are around the €8 mark, but will obviously vary from place to place. Some will be 2 courses, and some 3.

I have not been to Corfu yet this year obviously, but have been to Europe, and again there, I did not see any significant rise in prices in Cafes, Restaurants, etc, but as I said, it feels more because the dreaded GBP is the problem, giving us less Euros.

Hope this helps.

Yeiamas, Chris

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