Chivalry Lives On

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Chivalry Lives On

Post by Etsiketsi » Sun Nov 11, 2007 1:06 am

A couple of years ago Three friends, Sue and myself went for one of our famous drives up North. In fact we went to Ag Gorgious.

As is our way we tried a new route and got lost, a local suggested we try a certain road but it turned out to be nothing more than a donkey Track in places. It was so bad that we all got out and left Sue to drive the car out whilst we followed and helped by pushing.

My mate Barry and me had had enough of all this pushing lark and left it to his Wife Dorothy and our other friend Ruby. As we got nearer to the end of the track we encountered two Corfiote men who were sat down having a bite to eat and a drink.

They must have been very impressed with Dorothy and Ruby's effort cos' one of them came over to Barry and me and asked in broken English if they were for sale.

The best offer we had that holiday. We decided to refuse the offer and instead pay the excess baggage on them when we went home, so you see "Chivalry Lives On".


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