(Travel Time from Airport 90 mins)

Acharavi can be found on the northern coast of the Island.
The resort of Acharavi would be best suited to families and couples looking for a relaxing holiday together.
There is a main roundabout in the centre of Acharavi called the "The Pump" as this is where the village pump used to be and it is where the Pump house restaurant is situated today.
Another road off this roundabout takes you into the old village of Acharavi, and is often missed but well worth a visit, with its older more traditional buildings, restaurants and bars.

The beach is family friendly, with the water that stays shallow for approx 50 mtrs out to sea, so it is good for children
(of all ages) at times in the afternoon you may get a sea breeze that can make the water a little choppy.
The beach it self is a sand and shingle mix, you will be able to hire a sunbeds & umbrellas, there are a few showers dotted along the beach, and most of the taverna owners will allow you to use their toilets.

On the main road and beach side there are a good selection of cafes, tavernas, gift shops, supermarkets, banks and a tourist office.
Acharavi is mostly on the flat so that makes the beach very accessible, off the main road going down to the beach on the side roads there is a slight incline.