Greek Easter

Greek Easter


Celebration of Easter in Corfu is part of a unique experience, and part of an extensive calendar
of religious and cultural activities different from anywhere else in Greece and particularly more
impressive for first-time visitors to the island, Including traditions such as the Easter Saturday
morning at 11.00am is the time the Pot Throwing starts, this is to mark the First Resurrection.
The Pot Throwing tradition dating back to the Venetians who used to throw all their old and
useless objects and pots out of their windows on Jan1st, Just as we celebrate new years eve
by opening the doors and windows to let the old year out and the new year in, and of
course not forgetting the banging pans, fireworks, sounding of horns and sirens.
This tradition is now carried on by local Corfiot people all over the Island,
from corfu town and surrounding villages.

The Corfiots really love festivals, but also take their Greek Orthodox Religion Very very
seriously. With almost two thousand years of religious traditions in which various components
all come together harmoniously, the Orthodox Christian faith, pagan traditions, the powerful
presence of Saint Spiridon, the Roman Catholic community, the Venetian influence, genuine
Corfiot humour, the music of the philharmonic bands and of course the spring atmosphere.
Holy Week throughout Greece is characterised by its church services, by fasting, and by the
anticipation of the Resurrection. We recommend that during Holy Week you venture out of
Corfu Town and into the countryside and villages to see all of the Celebrations.

As you drive into the countryside and you will notice that the Island is moving towards
springtime and the season of fertility and renewal, and enjoy its scents which is
far better then any of the most expensive perfumes,
after the dull weather of winter, with its rain and cold weather, the
sunlight underscores the fresh colours of nature, with a rainbow of colours
from all the wild flowers bursting into life, the blue of the sky and the sea.


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Will you be able to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter in Greece on your trip?
Have you spent Easter in Corfu before? If so why not add your experiences to our forums.
Here are enough Greek Easter dates to keep the most avid advance planner happy,
from 2018 to 2026.Every few years, "Western" (Catholic and Protestant) Easter and
Greek Orthodox Easter coincide;

These years are indicated by (same) following the date

2018 - Easter Sunday - April 8th
2019 - Easter Sunday - April 28th
2020 - Easter Sunday - April 19th
2021 - Easter Sunday - May 2nd
2022 - Easter Sunday - April 24th
2023 - Easter Sunday - April 16th
2024 - Easter Sunday - May 5th
2025 - Easter Sunday - April 20th (same)
2026 - Easter Sunday - April 5th