Underground Parking in Corfu Town

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Underground Parking in Corfu Town

Post by Chris » Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:10 pm

The following news article was taken from the online media "Corfu Today", dated 23rd September.

Corfu Town Project for Underground Car Park

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Vp2ED7IXgQY/S ... ROKO+1.JPG

First substantial step towards the implementation of a hub for the city of Corfu project (underground parking) is the beginning of the call for proposals of candidate companies for the construction and operation of the project. According to the Deputy of T.Y. C. Mamalo-by-committee today engineers designated by the Technical Services of the Municipality, accepts the proposals of the candidate companies. As noted, there is already great interest, since the relevant office is inundated with envelopes. "We hope that everything will go well because the project has gone through 40 waves. Then we expect to obtain the best contractor who will undertake the construction and completion of the project. Please note that the next step after the submission of candidates interested in the construction of the project is to evaluate these proposals by a committee which has been selected and approved by the City Council. Mr Mamalos estimated that the time construction of the project will reach two years, while the exploitation of the parking lot from the successful company that will arise then, will last 30 years. He recalled that the project is self and thus there will be no funding problem. The underground parking will be 400 spaces.
He has already made a speech concerning the removal of the term provided for the prohibition of parking at a distance of 300 meters.
Thus, summarized the Deputy "will not reduce the stands, while the underground parking area, would significantly improve the image of the traffic, at least in the city center."
"We respond with projects"
After question accepted, Mr, Mamalos noted that the Municipal Authority works with answers "as already circumventing the airport has been auctioned, while the final stage is the new public market and pedestrian General of the Mantouki.

I was under the impression that the ministers were trying to keep parking out of Corfu Town. Perhaps this is their answer.

Yeiamas, Chris

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