The Sign of the Partridge / Perdika Restaurant

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The Sign of the Partridge / Perdika Restaurant

Post by Aristes » Fri May 01, 2009 11:16 pm

Hello All,

I'm a new poster but frequent viewer of this forum. Thank's for the great information you provide.
My wife and I are returning to Corfu in June and once again I'm re-reading Prospero's Cell.
I was wondering if anyone could answer a question regarding the location of a Taverna/Restaurant in Corfu Town mentioned in Durrell's book. He and his mates meet at "The Sign of the Partridge". This place is described as "just off the main square",.. which square isn't indicated. Somewhere I've also heard it called the Perdika Restaurant.
Does anyone know where that is? Is it still there. I realize it could be fictitious but for some reason I think he was describing a real place.

Once again thanks for all the good information.


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