info for family friendly days out in dassia/corfu please

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emma and co

info for family friendly days out in dassia/corfu please

Post by emma and co » Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:37 pm


I am travelling at the end of August with four children, and wondered if you could pass on any info for activities/days out with the kids please and any other survival tips. I am staying in a villa in dassia with olympic holidays.

many thanks

Emma and co xxx

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Re: info for family friendly days out in dassia/corfu please

Post by Chris » Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:35 pm

Hi Emma,

Firstly, I would like to we1come to the Holiday :suun: Corfu Forum. Secondly, before I go into detail, may I say do take a good look at our forum. You will glean much information towards your holiday, which will ensure a great time will be add by all. In particular the Dassia Section, where you will find links etc to the resort, and other information, take a look at the link: DASSIA LINKS AND INFORMATION. From this you will find details of a Resort Guide, Map, Boat Hire, and Bike Hire.

From Dassia, you can take the No7 Blue Bus to Corfu Town. The journey takes about 35 to 40 minutes, and is only a around €3 or €4 per person. This link will give you a bus timetable for buses to and from Dassia and Corfu Town: BUS TIMETABLES. This is must trip, to visit the narrow lanes and many shops and markets followed by many Tavernas and Restaurants for that wonderful evening meal, with a nice cold drink sat on the Liston before making that journey back to Dassia.

A great place for the kids is of course Aqualand. This is waterpark for all the family, from baby toddlers, to holiday grandparents. The whole day will be and endless day of fun, splashes, and much more. A day to remember. The waterpark has many places to grab that all important lunch, snacks, drinks, ice creams, etc. Trips can be arranged from your local Travel Shop in Dassia, where you will be given a price which will include entrance fees and a return coach trip. If you are hiring a car, drive to Aqualand, park up and pay entry at the gate. After 3pm there is discount, but be assured your kids will not want to wait, and may want to go again. For more information see the following link: AQUALAND WATERPARK. Costs for a day ticket is around €30 for adults, and about a third less for children. This is by coach trip. It is around €18 for adults if you make your own way to the waterpark.

Finding your local Travel Shop will offer a long list of various excursions and trips around Corfu. Most by coach, but some by boat. The latter being usually offered from a local boat owner, and for a fee, will take trips to Corfu Town, or other resorts. Some have on their lists, a Beach BBQ. Again for a fee, you set sail, and make your way up the coast stopping off for swims, arriving at a secluded beach where the boat owners and family will set a BBQ and serve a good meal of meats, salads, bread, and copious amounts of wine.

Dassia has a great beach, although mostly small shingle and pebbles (as are most beaches), for more information on the beach and whats available, take a look at the following: DASSIA BEACH. You could take a trip on the No7 Blue Bus to a resort to the south of Dassia, called, Kontokali. Here you will find a sandy beach that is part of the Kontokali Bay Hotel, but is also open to non residents. No charges except for the hire of sunbeds.

Night life in Corfu wherever you are is great. And Dassia is no different. There are many Tavernas, Bars and Restaurants in Dassia that cater for all the family, and the local owners do not show any bother towards children coming into the Bars etc. The Greeks love children. One of the favourite haunts of Dassia is Shakes. Here you can have anything from just a drink, to the full on Greek Dancing. For more information, see this link: SHAKES - DASSIA. There are many beach Bars as well as lots more on the Main Road through Dassia. Traffic is minimal.

I think I have given you some information to peruse over, however, if there is anything else you need to know, then please do get back to me, and I will endeavour to find the answers. Please on your return, do give a review of your holiday on this forum, with a few photographs for the gallery. This would be much appreciated.

Where will you be staying in Dassia.

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