Funny thing Happened in Corfu

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Funny thing Happened in Corfu

Post by Al » Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:27 am

Hi All

My wife and I were watching some videos of Corfu tonight and generally talking about Corfu.
Then all of a sudden we both almost at the same time burst out laughing and we were both laughing
about the same thing, strange but true.

Well this happened about two years ago, we had been to the beach all day, got back to our apartments and had a little snooze
as you do, we got showered and changed to go out and we had already booked a table at the "75 Steps Taverna" so we did not need to rush
and it was only ten mins drive from our apartments.
So after a nice steady drive to the taverna, we got there just as the sun was starting go down, we got to our table and admired the view and
it was beautiful.

The only down side this evening there seemed to be more wasps then normal for what ever reason.....
Now to paint a picture,, myself wearing shorts and a loose fitting shirt and my wife wearing a floral flowing dress, both of us sprayed head to foot in autan, so we were protected from the mozzies and fingers crossed the wasps too or so you would have thought...

After about half an hour my wife had to powder her nose, so of she went,, while she was gone I took a few photos of the view,, and before I knew it she was back at the table, she went to sit back down and as she did she let out a scream :shock: yes a scream, I asked what was wrong and she snarled back I've been stung by a wasp on the Bum... doing my up most not to laugh, and be the concerned husband I asked again did the sting come out,, after a little time she said no its still in and that I needed to get it out :shock: :shock: so we both headed to the toilets and they both were in use,, so thinking on my feet I said we'll go in the corner were the lift was,,, so walked a little further out of sight so with the last peep around the corner to make sure no one was coming...I lifted her dress and started to look for the sting, Just as I found it and was about to pull the sting out the lift doors opened and out stepped 6 German tourist were confronted with me on my knees with the look of shock on my face trying to remove the wasp sting from my wife's bottom, and my wife bent over with her bum in the air,,, Needless to say we finished our food very quickly and left smartish.... driving back down the road we both looked at each other and burst into tears of laughter, and even today if we watch a video or look at pictures of Corfu & the 75 steps taverna, we always remember that night and can't stop ourselves laughing rofl

Do you have a funny moment or Incident that you can share with us ? we'd love to hear from you :good2:

All the Best

Al :comp: rofl

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