Working in Sidari

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Re: Working in Sidari

Post by janmanessi » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:45 am

Find all the forums that talk about working on Corfu. Be prepared to work 7 days a week in high sason, no overtime offered even if you work it, and at the end of the month do not rely on being paid, or almost certainly not the full amount (which may be as little as 2 Euros an hour).

If you have saved enough so that you can manage to pay your rent and have some money left over for food you may well have a wonderful time. Not all employers are bad by any means, but the crisis means that family members are being drafted in, without pay, rather than employing other people.

If you are employed you may well be 'illegal' ie. no National Insurance (IKA) payments will be made for you, so there will be a gap to make up on that when you return to UK, and there can be trouble if your place of work is inspected.

Many Greeks are learning Russian or one of the Eastern European languages in addition to English, to try and improve their chances of getting work, so hone your linguistic skills if you can.

Make sure you always have enough money for your return flight.

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