Oldies in Kavos

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Re: Oldies in Kavos

Post by Chris » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:49 am

Hi Ali,

I think it quite unlikely that you will find anywhere not noisy in Kavos, however, go a little bit further south to Aspro Kavos. Apparentlly here it is a little more quiet than Kavos itself. Here is a quote from a holiday company:

Aspro Kavos

If you are past the age of all night partying but still like a late-night boogie on holiday, Aspro Kavos is right up your street. Only two miles from the full-on clubbing scene of Kavos and its famously huge array of bars, clubs and modern discos, possibly the most intense on Corfu, Aspro Kavos provides a quieter alternative. Although not exactly a village in its own right, it has its own shops, tavernas and more limited nightlife. Five mile-long Kavos beach, the longest on Corfu, connects the two resorts, with either end being a repetition of its nightlife; Kavos is frenetic with the under-thirties beach-partying, and Aspro Kavos having a more relaxed, family ambience. The sand is excellent quality, and safe, shallow, warm water makes it popular with children and bathers.

The resort is on the southern tip of the island, at the edge of a flat plain with olive groves. Its headland and tree-covered hills offer pleasant walks with great views across the sea to the Greek mainland and Albania, and the ruins of a monastery. Bus tours give you the chance to discover more of the island, and a complete contrast in experience is to take a boat trip to Corfu Town, Parga, the Blue Lagoon and the picturesque islands of Paxos and tiny Antipaxos.

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Re: Oldies in Kavos

Post by Al » Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:09 am

Good morning alibongo

Welcome to the Corfu web site & forums,

If you were to have posted this question around 6 years ago then I would have advised you to get back to the travel agents
to see if you could change resorts, but Kavos now a days is a lot quieter then it used to be.
We have visited there in the day and evening and it was nothing like it used to be.
You will find some lovely tavernas & bars for food and drink's etc but if you did find it to noisy then a short
walk or taxi to Aspro Kavos will be right up your street!!

Kavos Beach is one of Corfu’s longest,, you’ll find banana boat rides, pedalos , not to mention all manner of restaurants,
and the 8-kilometre stretch of sand will make for a nice walk and paddle as you go.

We hop you have a fantastic holiday :dup:


Al :comp:

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