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Post by Al » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:42 am

Howdy All

A while back I had to de-activate the forum registration because we were getting so much spam/bot posting, anything from car parts
to buying a bride from a different country to frolicking naked, hence why I switched the forum off :ddown:

I have now re-activated the Registration page so we can welcome new members to the Holiday Corfu Forums :dup:
We would love you all to sign up and post questions and answers for this beautiful Island

So what you need to do to register is simply go the the home page and scroll down and you will see a picture of a map of corfu
On that map you will a red dot next to a name, make a not of that name it is really simple as you will need the name to register :smile:

Now scroll back up and on the left hand menu you will "Register" click there and simply fill in your details and answer the security question
about the corfu map and hey presto your done :dup: :dup:

We look forward to seeing you soon :comp:


Al :comp: :sunb:

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