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Re: Advice

Post by Chris » Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:22 pm

There are many Greek Restaurants and Tavernas in Kassiopi, all I would say of a very good standard. Please see our list of restaurants and tavernas on our links page for Kassiopi in this section. Likewise, one could hire a boat, or take a water taxi to other resorts and sample their venues also. Something one must do is to organise a trip to Corfu, either by coach or by boat, preferably at night and sample the many wonderful restaurants in the old town. I would certainly recommend The Rex, the next street down from the Liston. Another is on the main alley through the town, I believe it maybe called the Sebastian, but I am not sure. However, like the Rex the food is excellent. You must also sit on the Liston with a nice beer or Ginger beer and listen as the world goes by.

To be honest, you are spoilt for choice.

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Re: Advice

Post by Al » Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:01 pm

Hello Julian

First and foremost welcome to the Corfu Web Site & Forums, Thank you for taking the time to register with us
and we hope you enjoy your stay :dup:

A trip to Corfu Town is a MUST do !! if you visit in the day make sure you take plenty of water or you keep hydrated with the drink of your choice.
Corfu Town is a truly beautiful place to visit in the day or evening, there are so many different types of shops ranging from the normal gift shop to leather / gold and silver but keep your hand on the credit card because I'm sure your wife / partner will have a field day shopping :good2:
Like Chris has said an evening boat trip to Corfu town and spending an evening in the town is beautiful, it looks totally different
then in the day time, sitting on the Liston with a cold beer people watching is just great !!!

The Rex restaurant, the food is wonderful, we have had a meal there and your made to feel so comfortable and nothing is
to much trouble, you wont be disappointed.

All the Best

Al :comp:

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