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Post by Chris » Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:12 am

Where can anyone begin on this subject, on an island where all the food is wonderful, professionally cooked, and nothing but the best and freshes ingrediants. With so man Tavernas and Restaurants one can not really pick the best, so I have produced a list of all my favourites in Kontokali.


A lovely little restaurant run and own by a family, including grandparents and the children. The food is excellently cooked, and is worth waiting for. This taverna does not rush, my kind of place. My favourite dishes, for starter is Soudzoukakia, Greek Meetballs with a Tomato sauce. Normally served as Main, but ask for less and have as a starter. For my Main course at Zorbas is, Pork souvlakia. Pork on cane skewers with Tomatoes, Onions, and Pita Bread, served with Tzatsiki.


This Taverna has been run by the same family for 100s of years, and is highly recommended. The menu is not huge, but the meals that are served are fresh, and well prepared. The taverna is frequented by the locals, which is a sure sign that the food is very good. Here I normally start with a Greek Salad with lots of Feta Cheese and Olive Oil, as my main course is either Arni Kleftico, Roast Lamb cooked in a light mustard sauce, with Potatoes, Peppers, and served with seasoned veg. Or a house special of Liver, Potatoes and Onions. This one has to be asked for as it is not on the menu every day. For more on Harry's, look at their website at,



Again, this Taverna is a family run establishment, attached to a hotel of the same name. Everything is excellently cooked, and the family and staff are really friendly, and will always take time to chat between courses. Favourites here for starters is Fasoli ke milo sala (Red Bean and Apple Salad) with a lump of Feta Cheese. The main course is usually and excellent choice of fish cooked to taste.


This restaurant is on the road to the Kontokali Bay Hotel, so we did not find this until we ventured on foot to the beach at the KBH. What a find. Again a locally run eatery, with wonderful friendly staff. Here we usually had either a Mousaka or Pastitsada. The latter is like a Mousake, but done with spaghetti rather than pasta leaves. Excellent lunches also.


The Bistro is the place, in particular at weekends. Live music and dancing highlights the evenings, and gives the whole evening out for dinner a whole new ambience. At Bistro's the menu is extensive, but this does not detract from the excellent standards that arrive at your table. My choice for starter is Fried Sardines with a small Tomato Salad, with Bread and Tsatziki, with a Main Course of Pork Fillet stuffed with Prunes and Raisins. For more information, see the Bistro Boileau website at,


Well there is a few to be getting on with. I will add to this in due course with more wonderful Greek culinary delights.

Yeiamas, Chris.