24 years ago......

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24 years ago......

Post by Al » Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:10 am

Hi All

Having just got back from a weekend camping in weymouth with my wife Andrea and our to children Abigail & Isabelle, just for a break because we both have a very busy time at work and of course the weather was so good, and I have to say we had a great time,, but more to the point
This time (23-15) 24 years ago we were on a plane heading for Corfu, yes it was our honeymoon, we had bits of confetti falling out every time we moved which was funny,,,
As we were approaching the Island you could see all the twinkling lights all over the Island more fitting a fairytale, we landed in the early hours of the
morning, and as we taxied to the planes parking point our and the rest of the plane's holiday makers excitement grew, you still had the seat belt light on but you heard all over the plane the seat belts being unfastened so we had to do the same..... after the plane had come to a stop everyone was ready to get going but we had to wait for the steps and after what seemed like ages you felt a slight bump as the steps hit the plane, everyone now is in the starting blocks like linford Christie ready to get off the plane, then the doors opened and the Heat and musky smell of what can only described as a mixture of that days suntan oil/aviation fuel/ food and a few other things and I will say it is one of the most memorable smells you will ever smell.

We finally got off the plane and headed for the terminal building, nothing like we have today,, we collected our cases and off to find the coach rank to be taken to our resort, we did hear stories that on some of the transfers to resorts that they had taken forever to get to their resorts,,, I have to say we were lucky in that department because we must have had Jensen Buttons F1 driving instructor, if there was ever a time I wanted to wear a seat belt it was then !!!! we were heading south on the coast road overtaking anything & everything in spite and going round sharp left / right hand corners better then some of the F1 drivers we have today, on the way down on the coach I half expected to pull in on a pit-stop a top up of fuel and a change of tyres......as we approached Benitsas the driver did slow to a snails pace and started to swerve from one side of the road to the other,, wondering what was going on we peered out the windows to see the drunken revelers in the road,, well all over the place, Andrea looked at me as if to say .....
what have you booked for our honeymoon.........
We finally arrived at messonghi and we were off loaded at our apartment,, we were pointed in the direction of our apartment,,because it was pitch black no street lights,, so of we trotted cases in hand and still confetti falling out everywhere we found our way to our apartment....
The new day started,,,, and the rest is history !!


I have had 24 wonderful years married to Andrea, we have two fantastic children Abi & Izzy,, we have had 24 years visiting Corfu as a couple and in later years as a family, All of us have fell in love with what we call our second home, and to top this off we have made some fantastic friends in Corfu.

Andrea, Abi, Izzy & all our friends in Corfu,,,, Αγάπη εσείς

All the Best

Al :cool:

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Re: 24 years ago......

Post by Chris » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:50 am


Congratulations to Al and Andrea. 24 years, and here is Elaine and I approaching our first. It is fantastic to read that you have from your marriage, through life as a couple and a family, with Abi and Izzy, returned year after year. And may you continue to do so. Roll on August for you.

How was Weymouth by the way. We were down there last weekend 3rd July. We still love the town.

Best Wishes to you both and your family

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