Snorkelling in Messonghi

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Snorkelling in Messonghi

Post by MattC » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:37 am

Hi - I will be visiting Messonghi in a few weeks, can anyone tell me if there is any interesting sea-life in the water? Is it worth bringing a mask and snorkel?


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Re: Snorkelling in Messonghi

Post by Chris » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:48 am

Hi MattC, Firstly, welcome to the Holiday Corfu Forum. You are invited to ask as many questions as you like regarding your forthcoming holiday to Corfu. In the meantime to answer your question now. Corfu is one of the best places for snorkelling. There are many secluded bays and coves which are dificult to get to, therefore are usually only frequented by Snorkellers and Scuba Divers. Although the coast all round Corfu offers many opportunities to don the Mask and Snorkel, I have to say for the more suitable bays for this sport is on the West Coast, in the bays that are linked to Afionas Bay, Agio Georgios North, and Paleokastritsa. I with friends have snorkelled in these bays and coves, and have seen much marine life and rock formations. Some coves will have caves that can be swam through. However, do be careful as the conditions could and can force you against the rocks. There is next to no tide (probably about half and inch a day), so there is no worry of getting caught. You will probably be better hiring a boat for the day, and within the confines of the where to go map, find secluded coves and bays for your snorkelling. We look forward to hearing all about on your return.

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Re: Snorkelling in Messonghi

Post by Al » Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:54 pm

Hello MattC

Welcome to the Corfu Web Site & Forums.

We have been going to Messonghi for many years now, first without children and now with children.
We always took our mask and snorkel, the water is crystal clear which is very good, there are plenty of small fish
and at times you do see larger fish,, best places are around rocky out crops, but as you would guess it gets better the deeper you go.

One this to consider is a try dive with one of Corfu's Dive centers, the is one in Messonghi or used to be called:-

Nautilus Diving
Messonghi Beach Hotel
Moraitika, Corfu, Greece
Phone +30 2661083045
Mobile: +30 69 44741133

They used to be based in the "Messonghi Beach Hotel complex, but sadly that has closed, but they might have moved to another location in messonghi.
We will be in Messonghi from Aug 6th to 20th and I will try to find out more details for you.

There are a few more Dive centers to try:-

Professional Diving Center
Marina Gouvia
Corfu Greece
PC 49100
Tel:+3026610 91955
+30 26610 44164
Fax:+3026610 26909

Dive Easy!
Salvanos Antonios
Aharavi Thinaliou
Tel/Fax:+30 26630 29350

Achilleon Diving Center
Korologou Angeliki
49100 Corfu
Telephone number: +30 2661 0 95350
Fax number: +30 2661 0 95350
Cell phone number: +30 693 272 9011
other telephone number: +30 693 272 9013

Korfu Diving
Rolf Weyler
Telephone number: +30 26630 41604
other telephone number: +49 6094 988911

The many times I went with "Lindsay" from Nautilus Diving, I had a great time, all the equipment is supplied or you can use your own mask etc if you with, we have seen some world war rounds of ammunition and a small shoal of Dolphins but they did not come too close which was a shame, plenty of fish and a couple of octopus's.

Where will you be staying ?? and when do you fly out ??

Well I hope that helps a little for you


Al :cool:

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Re: Snorkelling in Messonghi

Post by MattC » Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:49 pm

Thanks for the answers guys,


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