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Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:21 am
by corriman
Hi To everyone,just found the site so here goes for my FIRST question.

As my heading denotes we are thinking of booking a villa in Corfu in 2010. The Villa is in St Spyridon of which I can find nothing about.

We will be a party of two couples and two children.We enjoy trad Greece,Greek food,quiet evenings and all the usual holiday type things, waterpark,beaches touring around an a lunchtime beer.

Would we be in roughly the right place for this type of hol?

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:15 am
by Etsiketsi

Welcome to the Group.

Try here I typed in Saint Spyridon Corfu and got a load of Sites returned.


Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:18 am
by corriman
Hi Rog

Thanks for the Welcome and info.

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:19 am
by Etsiketsi
My pleasure :lol:

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:34 am
by bruceandmaria
Hi Corriman

Here's a map of Corfu, click on it to enlarge the resort of Saint Spyridon is in A6..

Who was the company you were thinking of booking with and the name of the Villa ?.

There is a Water park it's called the Hydropolis in nearby Acharavi..lovely day out and not far to travel.


Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:31 pm
by corriman
Hello Bruceandmaria

We will be travelling independentely and will be hiring a private villa which is a 5 min walk into ST. Spyridon.

I know The "resort" itself is small but as long as there is a watering hole and a nice beach everyone will be happy.

We are happy eating around the table at the villa or searching out some authentic Greek cusine.

Do the mozzies present to much of a problem in this area,i have read somewhere that the nature reserve is somewhere they like to gather during the evenings.

Look forward to your comments.

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:08 pm
by bruceandmaria
Hi Corrieman,

I'm not really clued up on Saint Spyridon as we always stay in Kassiopi which is down the East Coast..all I Know about Saint Spyridon is there is a very large all-inclusive complex there called "The Blue Bay Escape Complex".

As for the mozzies in Corfu, some of us have no problems with the little darlings and other get bitten to death.

I'm sure others on here who holiday up that part of Corfu will give you much more information.

Here's a link to the water park Hydropolis in Acharavi ... nhydro.htm


Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:45 pm
by Chris

Hi Corriman.

As you can see from the map kindly provided by Bruce, you are not too far from such places as Acharavi, Kalamaki, and even Kassiopi, also mentioned by Bruce. Personally, I think you have chosen the best way to visit Corfu. Independent Travelling, you are free to do as you wish. I would recommend hiring a car for a few days. These can be hired by the day, or there are good packages for 3 days, a week, or more. You can then explore the island in full. As Bruce mentioned the Hydropolis, which is excellent, there is also a huge Aqualand in the middle of Corfu at Agios Ioannis. A trip to Corfu town is a must, either by day, although we prefer to go at night. Get some shopping in, have dinner, and sit on the Liston and watch the world go by.

If you do not want to hire a care, all resorts will have a Travel Shop where you can book excursions by coach, or by boat. Such trips as to Aqualand, Corfu Town, (by coach or boat in some places), Beach BBQ, and much more.

Mozzies can be a blight. I am thankful I do not get touched when visiting Corfu, where as everyone else in our party normally does. I am not sure if it is because I had Malaria once when serving in the Navy, or the fact that I eat copious amounts of Marmite. Yes Marmite, thick with B6, which Mozzies appear to not like. There are many things on the market for Mozzie treatment, from Boots, Avon, and most Pharmacies. No need for medical treatment or tablets, just some sort of skin protection. Ladies, lay off the perfume a bit, they love it. Have citrus candles burning at your table, or when sat on the balcony. Daytime is usually OK, it is around Dusk that they start, and it is only the females that might, typical.

Any further questions, do please ask away. We are hear to help.

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:00 pm
by mitera
Hi Corrieman. and welcome , i have been to ST Spyridon for the day it looks nice , quite small as i recall, well i say for the day , but we were having a nosey around and came across it on our travels , i have been to Kassiopi a few times , you must pay it a visit , it has a lovely harbour and some great tavernas and places to eat , as for the mozzies , well , i never used to get bitten , and i have always used autan , and been fine , i dont take my perfume with me at all , and use unperfumed toiletries, but for some odd reason this past couple of years i have been bitten , i use the plug ins at night and spray the rooms before we go out , it works a treat , but its when i go out in the day i get bitten , and i thought it was something else that has bitten me , but i have been assured by lots of Greeks that my bites are from the female mozzie and that they are around during the day , i have had a few odd looks and tuts from the Greeks when i have mentioned that they dont come out during the day , OF COURSE THEY DO :roll: :roll: they say they are always here , i too have for years and years thought they only came out at dusk , apparantley im wrong :???: , so i now have my autan on in the day as well , and it helps a bit more , mind you one Greek told me it was my age :shock: :shock: :shock: the blood is sweeter now he says .. huh cheeky git :lol: :lol:

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:46 am
by corriman
Hi to you all

Thank you all for your replies,most helpful.

I did know about the all inclusive Blue Bay resort we will give it a wide berth!!

Can anyone reccomend the best car hire company to use from the airport?

As for the Mozzies it sounds like it's pot luck as to whether you get bitten or not but will take the autan as back up.

With the hire car we do intend to search out as many pretty beaches as possible so any highly recommendeds let me know I promise not to tell!!!!

Will defo "do" the waterpark looks like a place for all ages, the little kids and the not so little!!

Kassiopi is also on the radar,we are staying for 10 days so should be able to rouse ourselves from the pool occassionaly.

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:55 am
by Al
Hi corriman
Corriman wrote:As for the Mozzies it sounds like it's pot luck as to whether you get bitten or
Well take a little read you my find this helpful ** Mosquito's **

And the water park,,,,, Big kids will enjoy it as much or more than the little Un's :grin: :wink: :grin:


Al :cool:

Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:49 am
by corriman
Hi Al

Interesting reading, will defo sort out the Avon products for the little one's and the liquid plug in's sound useful.

We are in a villa with aircon and are travelling in August so doors an windows will be closed most of the time.

As for me an the brother in law we'll take our chances on Mythos and Ouzo!!!


Re: Corfu first timers

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:11 pm
by Chris

There are many Corfu Car Hire companies Corriman, who will rent out cars to be picked up and dropped off at the airport. If you type in Corfu Car Hire into your search engine (Google etc), and extensive list will be given, with which you can compare your prices, and then book online when ready.