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Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:05 pm
by gillians
As we are going to Europe in two weeks time - leaving for Amsterdam and Paris and I live here in Los Angeles. I think next year I hope to come over to visit. What we will do is fly to Athens first as my husband needs to see it - stay there a week and go to a couple of islands around there that I have been to before and then fly from Athens to Corfu and stay in Moriatka -so hopefully will be able to meet up with Ozzy and anybody else and hopefully see some of the people from the old days. All being well and good of course the way things are today in the way of travel. I have looked at the Electra Palace in Athens and some other one and would like a rooftop pool with view and seen a couple. I think for Corfu will stay at the Delphinia as it has nice beach. I used to go there and meet that piano player for a drink in the old days.


Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:15 pm
by gillians
thanks for your reply. Which is the best hotel though in Moriatika to stay at. I am looking for good quality - with its own bit of beach -- good food (but we do eat out mostly) and nice pool jacuzzi and nice balcony with sea view. I only know the delphinia that I went to when that piano player was there and had a meal there with some other people one time and the grounds were nice.

Yes I have wanted to go back to Greece for a long time now so my husband says we should do it. I did want to go on the Alaska cruise but I really want to go to Greece and have a week in Athens and then back to Corfu. I know all will have changed as things do but I imagine for the better. What is the weather like there around end of September? I think I went to Corfu earlier in the May or June. I do not wish for high heat as live in Los Angeles and get fried out here all year in 100 degerees plus. I also have my own swimming pool out here like a little resort. I like it nice enough to sit on the beach though and go swimming but just not too hot as here at home we have good a/c and in my experience with Europe the a/c is not that good and a lot of places do not have it on full like they do out here and I prefer it a bit cooler for going around and sightseeing and walking about and stuff.

I was up in Ventura over the weekend and went to the Greek restaurant on the harbor and brought back good memories although the food is a little bit different but they do have Taramasalata and Moussaka which I had. Many greek places here do not have Taramasalata and most of them do not know what it is at all. Corfu had some good if I remember. I like a lot of grilled fish and stuff like that and seafood dishes.