Where to stay in Paleo

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Where to stay in Paleo

Post by mookie » Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:21 pm

well here goes was going to go to stoupa , then so this place and its just what i like the look off fantastic scenery and beaches ,dont know how many tour opperators do it i do know thompsons as a little hotel called paleo inn very basic but great results on web is there any others any body could recomend . i will be traveling with my parents dad not good on his legs but other wise no other restrictions . is it easy to get to corfu town sorry for all questions

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Re: Where to stay in Paleo

Post by Chris » Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:59 pm

Hi Mookie.

Firstly, here is a good PALEOKASTRITSA MAP with details of accommodation locations, as well as other facilities. On the link in the other thread you started I gave a link which in turn will give you list of accommodations and their websites etc, worth a look at.

The resort is hilly, and set in the main on slopes. Therefore it would be advisable for your Dad, if you ensured you got accommodation nearer to the coast, and flat areas around the beaches. Perhaps hiring a car would be a favourable option. I do not wish to change your mind, but I usually go to the resorts of Kontokali and/or Goouvia on the east coast of the island. It is much flatter, and both towns/villages are on an even level both for accommodation, restaurants and other facilities. Kontokali and Gouvia are approximately 7 & 8km from Corfu Town.

Paleokastritsa is located on the west coast, and in my opinion a very beautiful resort, but it may not be to your requirements has you have indicated. Corfu Town is some 26km over on the east coast. Getting there is not easy, and can be expensive. Again, if you are hiring a car, it would be better. Excursions can be taken to Corfu Town, either by day, or by night. Both will give you about 5 or 6 hours, maybe shorter in town. Costs vary, depending on where you book the trip. I would recommend using a local Tour Shop in town. You could take the Green Bus into Corfu, here is the GREEN BUS TIMETABLE. Sometimes there are additional buses. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes, and costs around €2.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have anymore, I will be pleased to do my best and answer them.

Yeiamas, Chris

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