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Post by hellsbells » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:39 pm

Just got back from Sidari last night, must say we had a lovely time there yet again,

Only one thing which could have been better .... less Mozzies!!!!

I have been going to Sidari for 7 years, to the same appartments, and I am never bitten. So this year I taken the same repellents ( Jungle Formula with DEET) plug ins etc etc, and within an hour of landing I had 4 bites. 2 weeks later I have about 30 bites and am currently sat here after rubbing tiger balm on them to stop the itching so I can get some sleep!!!

My husband is far worse than me, he has 36 bites on just one leg!! I got sick of counting after that lol

Anyone else find the mozzies particularly bad this year, and anyone have any theories as to why??

Everyone we spoke to was telling us how bad the mozzies were this year ..... whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

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Re: Mozzies

Post by Al » Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:23 am

Hi Hellsbells

Sorry to hear that you and your husband had so many bites....ouch

But this year we too all the electric plugins / spray, candles etc etc etc
and we never used any ,, this is the first year that we used nothing and we never had a bite from a mozzie :shock: I was very surprised
with that,, the only mozzie we found was in the hallway to our room and needless to say it is most probably still there,,well outline where he was anyway

I did here that they have not sprayed the island this year like they have in past years maybe due to cost or the environment? I don't know,,
That could be a reason why you had so many bites or your blood just tasted like champagne to the mozzies :shock:

I hope they heal soon for you both.


Al :cool:

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