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Post by Chris » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:40 pm

Hi! to everyone in Corfu,
I am new to the site, and looking forward to talking to you all.
I am looking into the possibility of opening a bar in Sidari.
The place is devoid of furniture, infact there's nothing in there!!!
I wonder if anyone can help me with some idea of bar suppliers on Corfu?
Is there any? Do they have web sites? I am looking to kit the whole place out so i will need everything from furniture to tea spoons.
Any help would be very welcome......Thanks Coco

Hi again Coco. I might be able to help you on this matter. I have a friend who lives in Sidari, and actually runs the Bar within a well established Hotel.
I am sure he will no of such suppliers, or maybe able to point us in the right direction. I will contact him and get some details.

In the meantime, please read through the Sidari Section, you will find some good and valuable information for future use, and will be able to speak to
others regarding your future business and residence on Corfu.

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