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Info desperately needed on Aquis Ag Gord!!

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:14 pm
by buffet-basilisk
Hi - I'm looking for info on Hotel Aquis Ag Gord. We're booked for next May. We know the resort well, but this time will be all-inclusive at the hotel.
Firstly, can anyone suggest some good room numbers in the main hotel to be close to the lift, as i have limited mobility. Also, is there any other way down to the pool avoiding those long open steps which appear to continue for 2 flooors? Also, are the shampoo etc products good enough to use daily, and are they provided daily, as I'm trying to keep luggage weight down to something reasonable!!! Also, hubby wants to ask about the food! Can anyone give some details of the buffet meals - details, rather that just a general overview, please. For example, are their any greek meals on the buffet regularly? Also (my interest now!!), what are the puds like? Does anyoe have pics of meals at all?