Will we be going to Greece next year?

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Re: Will we be going to Greece next year?

Post by DaveD » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:19 pm

One suggestion put forward is to turn it all on its head. France and Germany leave the euro and bring back the franc and the DM. This will leave the P.I.G.S and everybody else in 'club med land' with euros which will find its own natural value on the international exchange rate market. Just this minute heard that yet another 'Euro crisis meeting' (number fourteen) has been called, these are getting a daily occurrence.

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Re: Will we be going to Greece next year?

Post by Chris » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:03 am

I am beginning to wonder if this general consensus of the Brussel debates was to save the Eurozone or the EU. Once again, the powers (Eurozone), have agreed to half the debt owed by Greece, but also increase the borrowing figure to €1 trillion. Does this not leave the door open for Greece, Italy, Spain and whoever to borrow more if needed, thus continuing the never decreasing circles of the financial problem within the EU.

Greece in my opinion has no intention of helping itself, or at least the people of Greece for as long as it means dipping into their own pockets. The government of Greece have their hands tied by this, yet the Eurozone or the EU in full does nothing about it, but offer discounts, reductions and more money to borrow. Thus forcing other countries from both heading in the same direction.

At first I agreed that Greece should pull out of the Eurozone, and go it alone on the Drachma. Now I feel that I agree along with DaveD that the such countries as France and Germany should back out, and leave the four to the Euro alone.

This is one reason why I was for the resolution of having the peoples chance of leaving the EU. I think if we continue along these lines as it is, even Euro Trade will be no good to man nor beast, which is the only reason we are in the EU. I do believe it is time to leave, and let them get on with it.

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