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Post by Chris » Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:32 am

How many of you like me watched the absolutely wonderful programme on ITV1, Joanna Lumleys Greek Odyssey. The programme is a four part series, which started yesterday evening, with Joanna Lumley beginning her journey of Greece at Athens and the Acropolis, making her way to the Peloponese and seeing the Gates of Hades, Olympia where she met with Nana Maskuri who sang in the orignial Olympic arena for her. She then moved on to Delphi. During her travels she met up with some village people who can only be described as true villagers, with ladies dressed in black head scarves. However there was a big difference with these villagers, they communicated by whistling. Apparently something in herited from the Persians as a form of code when being invaded. It was fantastic to listen to them whistling messages, calling each other to meet for a drink and something to eat with them and Joanna Lumley, even to the point of a lady whistling a message to a gentleman villager asking if he was coming over, he replied back in whistle, No I am having a drink. The lady whistled back, Please yourself then.

Joanna Lumley moved on with her guide and came across another village which appeared to be deserted, except for one old lady who was out foraging for her dinner. She invited Joanna Lumley to join her by picking wild asparagus and other plants to make a supper, which she shared with her visitor. The lady had lived in the village for over 50 years. She did live in the city for nearly two years but hated it.

The programme was wonderfully produced, somewhat emotional, and showed a true picture of Greece from the times of the Ancient Greeks when the world began so to speak with Delphi being the navel of the birth of the modern world. Programme 2, which is screened at 9pm on Thursday 20th October also includes a visit to Corfu.

I have set the recorder for the series. Well worth the watch.

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Post by Al » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:23 pm

Hi Chris

Thanks for the heads up re:- "Greek Odyssey with Joanna Lumley"
I did not watch it on the day but Andrea did remember to record said program :good2:
We watched it last night, and we all really enjoyed it,, it really opened our eyes
with the likes of the "Acropolis, Gates of Hades, Olympia and Delphi, we have never visited but to see
them last night just the size of the structures like the Acropolis and the detail that went into thew was amazing and to think
there was no JCB diggers, trucks and cranes etc just fantastic!!!
You try and get something like that built today and only do it with the tools the early Greeks had and it just
would not happen today

Thanks,,great program !!


Al :comp:

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