A day at the Seaside

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A day at the Seaside

Post by Chris » Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:39 pm

I avoid going to Weymouth in the same way as would I avoid stepping on a dog poo, however I had to visit earlier in June and the typically appalling British “holiday maker” behavior I saw on the beach sickened me to the core.
It was sunny day and the beach was busy with the sort of people who have no better imagination than to flock like sheep to the badly faded victorian resort that is Weymouth, and those unfortunate to live there and have no means of getting anywhere nicer.
As I strolled along the seafront I couldn’t help but notice an argument start up between what appeared to be a married couple.
They seemed oblivious to the people around them with more and more home truths coming out and as the argument progressed the voices started to get raised.
Like a few others I paused to see what was going to happen, as they were creating quite a spectacle and by now practically screaming at each other, but then things suddenly got very ugly indeed. Out of the blue the female suddenly launched a physical assault on the male slapping and punching him. I was taken aback and looked to some of the others, who had stopped to watch, to see if someone should intervene. (My hesitancy was because you can never be too careful in these situations and domestic violence has been known to spiral out of control).
Instead of placating or subduing the woman the man just blatantly punched her in the face and she was by now screaming at him and trying to hit him back but he kept hitting her.
The crowd who had gathered were now shouting at him and were just about to take matters into their own hands when a policeman arrived and immediately drew his truncheon and after a shouted warning launched into the man.
Those of us watching couldn’t believe what happened next as the man, who had received a couple of hefty blows, then overpowered the police, wrested his truncheon from him and started to attack the police with it, bizarrely cheered on by his battered wife, who started to beat the policeman as well............................................(Scroll down)

And then a crocodile came running on and stole the sausages!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: A day at the Seaside

Post by GeeBee » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:40 am

This must be the same couple I seen at Blackpool last week!

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Re: A day at the Seaside

Post by DaveD » Tue May 24, 2011 9:00 pm

'Thats the way to do it!!'

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