Credit Crunch hitting Corfu

This forum if for you to post prices of every day Items in Corfu, like food, drink, car hire, excursions and so much more.

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Re: Credit Crunch hitting Corfu

Post by mitera » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:04 pm

Hi Nige , when i was in Ag G last year i have to say i found their prices a bit higher than other resorts anyway ,so if they put theirs up much more it would have been too much , some of the tavernas were very nice and some served us frozen food which for a fairly high price as you can imagine i didnt appreciate , Steven's on the Hill was nice , as was Sebastions but neither were cheap , certailnly not the wine , in Sebastions they charged us a lot for the Retsina and when i asked if it was Kourtaki he told me no , as it was more expensive and up market :lol: :lol: when i picked myself off the floor from laughing i did inform him there was no such thing as upmarket Retsina and i already knew it was 1. 35 e in the supermarket , and as ive said a million times yes i know they have to make a profit . but not but that much . on average id say most places are on a par unless you go more to the more traditional places , which is to be expected i guess . :cool:

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Re: Credit Crunch hitting Corfu

Post by Etsiketsi » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:20 pm

Sue, Nige and Simon

It seems to me that we are all of the same opinion here.

What I call the good Taverna's/Restaurants will succeed. These are likely to be the places that we remember, for whatever reason, and return to time after time. In general they are owned and run by what I think of as the genuine Corfiotes. The sort of people that no matter what business they are running their main intention is to provide an excellent service to their customers to entice them back. The people who are likely to be struggling are the ones who are trying to jump on the Tourist Bandwaggon to make profit. The genuine ones are likely to come from a hardworking family who began their business when the tourists were beginning to visit the Island.

I sincerely hope that our friends who come from the hardworking family side will not suffer and from what I hear they are continuing to be successful.


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