there is life after messonghi

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there is life after messonghi

Post by brianmaureen » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:39 pm

Thanks Al for giving me a chance to post .
As many will know I built in the south of the island 2006 ,but,what annoys me is that people think there is only Kavos south of Messonghi.
I can assure you that altho no intense/large resorts the largest St George South is well worth a visit .Plenty to eat drink and water sports plus the bonus of daily cruises to Paxos

the beach here runs between Marathia and SantaBarbera and altho 2 names its one beach.
Marathia being the more commercial with a good selection bars tavernas parking here is behind the beach bars
Santa barbera has 4 ish bars/tavernas etc and the parking here is back from the beach both have safe sandy beaches (look out for the ducks on the small river)

Now ime bias here as my greek home is in the village.
The village centre at night is full locals during the summer months and is a working farming/fishing area so all food served in the village centre has been grown locally as the pizzeria is a farmer by day so all salads etc hes grown himself ..
the beach area has 5 tavernas which is about 3 kms from the village centre safe sandy beach shallow waters and ideal for families again good food everywhere .all the eating establishments all make their own wine (red) and is some of the best ive ever tasted (bias again)

this is on the east coast.
This has the main fishing trawlers(not the one man boats) on Corfu hence the many fish restaurants around the resort and well worth the visitas most tavernas have built out over the sea so a great place to sit over the water eating lunch or dinner

This is the second largest town on corfu ,and, is still a working town.
About 20 years ago they built a bye-pass taking the road south to Kavos. so the narrow streets are safe and a one way system into the town shows the small shopping centre with kafeneon and clothes shops
Then going into the town centre by the bridge over the river youlle find many tavernas (Rick Stein did a program from the River restaurant) using all her vedgetables grown at the rear of the restaurant..
Try a crepe on the opposite side the river from the police station
If you drive down past the police station for about 1 1/2 kms you will reach a beach the water here is always warm and safe for the children to bathe the one tavern here has expanded over the years and is a credit to the new owners (remember It locals prices not tourist prices )

as well as the places ive mentioned there are plenty secluded beaches .The beauty being is having only one road south if you turn left or right you cant get lost and youlle find great food somewhere .
Apart from St George south you will find greek owners so everything in theory is traditional cook3
If anyone would like help with this area please fell free to enquire :dup:
Cheers and enjoy your holidays :suun: take the time to travel south and see what We fell in love with :good2:

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Re: there is life after messonghi

Post by Al » Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:31 pm

Hi brianmaureen

In my opinion there is a lot of people who visit Corfu on their holidays and thing there is no life in corfu
if you turn left comming out of Corfu airport, this is so untrue, we have visited Corfu for just over 23 years
and yes in that time we have only stayed in Psarsa / Messonghi but we have travelled all over the Island
by bike (before kids) and by Car with Kids, the Island holds so much beauty off the beaten track and you do need to
travel a little to see the Island at it's BEST :dup:

I found you post a very interesting read as I'm sure others will also :good2:

Like I said we always stay Messonghi / Psaras well its more Psaras, a beautiful old fishing village with only a couple of
nice Tavernas one being "The Fisherman's Haunt" right on sea front serving a nice selection of Fish and traditional Greek dishes
and the other is "Ellanas Taverna" again another traditional family run taverna serving fantastic food !!
Fisherman's Haunt
Elena's Taverna.

and if you carry on down the coast road you will come to a small turning to the right and if you follow the road up the hill to the top
you come to "Chlomos" a beautiful old greek village with a couple of tavernas one being "Ballis" if I remember correct and the views from the
top are just Stunning !!
View from "Chlomos"

Back down on the coast road you come to "Boukari" another beautiful old fishing village with a couple of very
nice fish Tavernas (don't have any Images to hand to post sorry) then a little further on you come to "Petriti".

So remember Guys Corfu beauty is not just in the north of the Island but it is ALL over you just need to travel
a little to see it :good2:

All the Best

Al :comp:

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