just returned

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just returned

Post by brianmaureen » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:45 am

yahoo: well ,just returned and have to say even after 30 years going one of our best ,Lots of family came out with us, and ,during our stay so the villa was full for the 2 weeks . :suun:
One thing I have to tell everyone is that Prices this year still the same as 5 years ago away from the main resort when eating out
We,had friends here who have propertry in spain and couldnt believe how much cheaper the food ,drinks,even car hire (not petrol) was so much difference price wise ..ate our usual haunts all over the south of the island drinks and seems quality and service are better than ever (and no rose coloured specticles either). :good2:
Kavos as lively as ever but from talking to friends who have tavernas, restaurants there, the real ones not fast food, people seem to be eating out more before the inevatable booze walks....think the returners have realised that the tour operators want their money as soon as they get to meetings and are avoiding going to them (feel sorry for first timers away from home,).
So all going south island I can assure you a great holiday :dup: :bye2:

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Re: just returned

Post by Chris » Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:06 am

As usual Brian and Maureen, it sounds as if you all had a great time in the South of the island. Somewhere I have not visited, for many years when I took a youth holiday to Kavos. A lot seems to have changed since then. As you know, I have been north of Corfu Town many times. It is the same, once one has established a watering hole, it seems one stays. Must try a change sometime. When are you off again.

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