Shopping in Arillas.

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Shopping in Arillas.

Post by Eileen » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:19 am

Wherever you stay in Corfu please try to support your local shops. Many visitors save their euros for a Corfu Town shopping trip/excursion only to find many goods are cheaper locally than in town.

In Arillas, as in most small villages and resorts, the local shopkeepers try very hard to please. Their welcome and service with a smile is genuine and because they are so proud of Arillas they really do care that you enjoy your stay in their village.

Yiotta's shop: Yiotta was the very first person to welcome us to Arillas. Yiotta who is orginally from Athens has a very gentle and friendly manner and lives just outside Corfu Town with her family.
Taking into account her drive up from town in the morning her days are very long. She is in the shop till late at night, sometimes after midnight.
In her shop you will find beachwear, flip flops, clothes, trinkets, pocket money toys...just too many things to mention!
Yiotta makes all her customers very welcome and is happy to chat and offer advice about where to visit.

Alex's mini market: As well as gifts, clothes and suntan lotions Alex's supermarket sells groceries, newspapers, magazines, beers, spirits and wines.
Located on the seafront it's very convenient for nipping up from the beach for essential supplies and ice lollies for the children!

Ina's shop: Ina's for groceries and gifts. Again on the seafront Ina's shop can supply all the essentials for your holiday or day on the beach.
Through to the rear of the shop is a section which sells local produce including wine made by Ina's husband. Look out for the family name on the label - Mastrogiannis.

Ina’s Bazaar: In the centre of Arillas has a good and varied selection of gifts, photo albums, jewelery and summer clothes.

Mona’s Boutique: Stylish clothes, jewelery and a few decorative bits’n’pieces.

Irini's Art Gallery: A wonderful and inspiring gallery with a bright, bubbly, chatty, talented owner. Irini is slightly crazy in the nicest possible way…her enthusiasm is catching!

Stamatis mini-market: If buying olive oil do not pick up a bottle from the shelf, instead ask their own. It’s on the shelf behind the cash desk under the cigarettes and lighters for sale! The oil comes in a re-cycled water bottle, but don’t let that put you off… it’s good to use locally produced products. :good2:

The Bakery: Next door to Stamatis. Fresh baked bread and rolls every day and a mouth watering selection of pastries and cakes. Their chocolate croissants are truly scrumptious!

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Re: Shopping in Arillas.

Post by Chris » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:35 am

Thank you Eileen for the long list of local shops in Arillas. I am in full agreement that one should shop from local sources, in particular the smaller businesses. This in my opinion will help the economy more, rather than filling the pockets of the much bigger stores popping up around the island.
Thanks again, :dup:

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